about fantasticality:


Welcome to Fantasicality! My name is Robin Taylor Delargy and I make wearable wonders. Fantasy Art Jewelry, to be precise. I live and breathe in Tacoma, WA, about 30 miles south of my hometown, Seattle.

Fantasticality is actually rebranded name of an established brand: LooLoo's Box, launched in 2009. LooLoo's Box was named after a shiny-thing-thieving childhood cat and the humorous logo of his backside has become well known in certain circles, both locally and online.

Over time, my design style changed and grew as I learned and honed new skills. When I sat down to set my 2015 goals I realized that LooLoo's Box had become a poor fit, as it really didn't tell a story that relates to my product, style, or vision. It was time to reinvent my brand.

'Fantasticality' describes my style: fantastic fantasy-based art jewelry designed with practicality in mind. My designs not only look great, but they are comfortable to wear and made to last for generations. The logo - a stylized cursive F dragon - reflects the playful fantasy of my work, although the dragon is only one of many themes I utilize in my designs.

If you want to read more about the hows and whys of my rebranding project, check out my blog post: sharp as a tack or dumb as a doornail?


I specialize in strong, powerful art jewelry that weaves and winds through and around Medieval, Steampunk, Industrial, Victorian, Art Nouveau and other vintage-inspired styles. I start with brass stampings, raw metal, found objects and myriad other bits and pieces and transform them, often in unexpected ways. Insects, dragons, winged lions (I call them F'Lions) and other fantastical creatures feature prominently in my work, which often illustrates - and illuminates - the darker corners of the natural (and Supernatural) world.

Hearts that have been torn asunder and stitched back together pay homage to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Flowers, butterflies and light-hearted nature themes reflect the sunny side of Fantasticality.

Dragons, F'Lions and Spiders play to my love of Fantasy.

I want my jewelry to do more than merely accessorize - I want it to feed the heart, mind and imagination. I think I get pretty close sometimes.


I find inspiration in the positive energy that I feel from giving new life to things that have lost their purpose.  Broken mechanical watches, vintage jewelry, keys with no lock, vintage glass and lots of 'new old stock' components find their way into my work.

I am inspired by the challenge of making jewelry that shows the beauty in things that many people find repulsive or frightening... such as spiders and insects... and perhaps helping to conquer just a bit of their fear in the process.  

I am fascinated by the design and construction challenges in making things that not only look fabulous while standing still, but also wear well and are comfortable and durable.

However, what I find myself increasingly inspired by is the challenge of weaving fantasy and fiction with my jewelry in ways that help transport the wearer into the story.  

I am inspired by the possibility of making magic.


I am a sassy & sarcastic ginger-haired firebrand 53 year old mother to one, stepmother to two, and grandmother to five. I'm a Sagittarius with an Aquarius moon, born in the year of the Tiger - a water tiger, to be precise. I don't know much about Astrology, Western or Eastern, but to those who do I gather that this explains a lot. My husband Neal is a very patient - and extrememely supportive - man, and my best friend in the world. Plus, he is in the wine business. Bonus level awesome! Best of all, he makes me laugh. Laughter is the best thing of all, hands down.

In the DYT world I am a Type 1/4.

My motto is "Creativity Trumps Domesticity'.

You made it this far? I'm impressed. Thank you!