experience fantasticality

Welcome, Intrepid Internet Traveler! Welcome to my online world, where I live in a state of fantasticality. If you landed here following an old link to LooLoosBox.com, don't worry; you are in the RIGHT place... because I rebranded January 2015. It's been a couple years, but the Internet has a way of coughing up old links. So yes, you did find me. For reasons I won't bore you with (unless you like being bored, in which case you will find my blog post on the subject absolutely fascinating) I changed my business name from LooLoo's Box to Fantasticality. All roads still lead to my Etsy storefront, although the name change spread there, as well.

The pictures below will guide you through my online home - mouse over to discover your destination. I hope you will stay and look around, because I think you will like what you see. Don't forget to bookmark Fantasticality.com to return to later, as it evolves and improves. We're going to have so much fun here!

I am sharing some original recipes as well as jewelry making tips and tutorials, time permitting.

As always, please tell your friends!